Corporate Offerings

This program is intended to bring your employees well-being and healthy
trends in a healthy work space, by providing services such as massage, energy
healing (Reiki), yoga, meditation, nutrition and self-hypnosis.

The important thing is to think about your employees’ health and recognizing
the role wellness can play among your workforce.

Let’s collaborate together and create a healthy workspace for your employees
and ultimately saving money in medical costs, reduced sick days and increase
employee engagement.

Our goal is to create a happy, relaxed work environment where your
employees will feel valued, lively, appreciated and calm.


Invite Roots for Wellness Center (“RFWC”) to participate in your next event!
Event services provided include:

o Massage booths - can be offered to your employees or your customers
o Nutritional demonstrations
o Photos of your employees enjoying the RFWC booth
o A free raffle prize or giveaway


 Celebrate your company brand by forming relationships with event attendees.
 Let RFWC wear your company colors or uniform during the event
 Announce your event on the RFWC website